What are Transdermals?

September 9th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Transdermals are commonly used among the more hardcore group of bodybuilders. What are they and how did they get started for use among bodybuilders?

Transdermal history:

Transdermals first started with the use of liquid DMSO. While it is used as a solvent in wood production, it was discovered for use in helping to absorb compounds through the skin than when taken orally. DMSO was commonly used years back, mostly for users of the veterinary steroid trenbolone who didn't want to inject. DMSO has a distinct garlic odor and long term use can lead to you smelling like fish/garlic through your skin pores. It is for this reason and possible health effects, companies looked for creating better transdermal formulas.

In 2002 Avant Labs rocked the bodybuilding community, when it developed a transdermal formula specifically for over the counter steroid use, at the time mainly their 1-test and 4-ad over the counter products. 1-test was found to be very painful to inject. Avants transdermal technology was considered more efficient, safer, and had a better odor for absorbing compounds into the skin. Other companies since then starting come out with their own transdermal technology.

Transdermals go beyond their original intentions of just for the fringe steroid users. They are now used to help absorb fat loss products that warrant a topical need, such as Avant Labs LipoDerm-Ultra using the herb Yohimbine.

Why use transdermals?

Transdermals are used by bodybuilders who want increased absorption or targeting of a supplement or drug. Transdermals have about a 30-50% absorption into the blood stream whereas they normally would have in un-methylated form around a 10% absorption rate.

Some bodybuilders use transdermals for over the counter or illegal steroids because they don't want to have to inject or take dangerous methylated oral steroids(which are hard on the liver). Injection has 100% absorption rate and methylated oral steroids have 50%. Transdermals are also used for fat loss supplements because a transdermal allows them to target areas better at a higher dose.

Legality of Transdermals

Transdermals are in a legal grey area. According to FDA, They are legal over the counter, as long as they are not marketed for the purpose of drug delivery.