Which is Healthier High Carb or Low Carb Diet?

September 3rd, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Nutritionist and bodybuilders often claim low carbhigh protein dieting is unhealthy. They use the argument that low carb diets are unhealthy because they make you rely on consuming many unhealthy fatty foods. I believe that as long as you eat lean meat sources(such as chicken and fish) and other healthy food souces, that it will be healthier than a traditional higher carb diet commonly used among bodybuilders.

Research on High Carb Diet vs Low Carb Diet:

One study done for the North American Association for The Study of Obesity Conference compared high carbohydrate diet to a low carb high protein diet(Atkins diet). After 12 weeks those on the Atkin's diet lost more weight than the other group. This is expected as low carbs also cause you to lose weight. However, there were many healthy results seen by those on the atkins diet. Atkins dieters reduced blood triglycerides by 19%, while the high carb group only lowered it by 2.3%. HDL was increased by 9.8% in atkins dieters, but lowered 1.3% in other group. Atkins dieters had a increase of LDL and cholesterol while it lowered on the other group.

What does this all mean? Both diets give mixed results overall. We don't know what those dieters were eating on the Atkins diet. but we do know that Atkins is not discriminatory against high saturated fat sources. If one is to make sure to choose only healtheir sources of meats and foods for their fat sources, than low carb dieting might actually be healthier than a higher carb dieting.