Why Do Bodybuilders Use Research Chemicals (Liquid Ancillaries)?

April 26th, 2008 by Paul Johnson

If you been in bodybuilding circles long enough, you know of bodybuilders buying at research chemical (also known as liquid ancillaries) stores. These sites sell prescription drugs for bodybuilders labeled as research chemicals. Some common un-scheduled bodybuilding drugs they sell include liquid form Nolvadex , Clomid, Arimidex, Clenbuterol, T-2, T-3, Vitamin B-12 injectable, and even new modified forms of IGF-1, HGH, or Melatonin. They usually also sell other types of prescriptions and accesories such as; viagra, cialis, hair loss, prostate drugs, syringes, needles, and conversion kits.

These sites give bodybuilders a convenient way to get prescription grade drugs or new cutting edge bodybuilding chemicals conveniently without a prescription and with almost no legal risk. All the drugs sold at these sites aren't actually scheduled drugs, making them different from actual steroid pharmacies selling scheduled substances that carry long jail sentences for even possession. It is a a minor offense in the U.S for carrying non-sheduled prescriptions without a prescription.

Bodybuilders using steroids have a "source who gives them legitimate prescription pills, like Nolva for post cycle therapy, along with their illegal steroids. Not all steroid sources have every kind of prescription at hand and at every moment. Sometimes a source can get busted or not have a certain drug at hand. That is when it becomes handy for bodybuilders to buy from these research sites. A lot of bodybuilders also buy conversion kits from these research sites, so they convert their steroids for injection.

Legality of research chemical sites:

Research chemical sites are in sort of a legal grey area. They use disclaimers and legal jargon to say these chemicals are only for medical research purposes and not for human consumption, but that really doesn't exempt them fully from the law.

Rick Collins, a leading steroid lawyer has said that prosecution of these research chemical sites can be possible, but most likely only if you can prove the intent is selling to humans as a unregulated drug. That happened with Universal kits last year, which got caught telling a undercover officer how to use their clenbuterol product. Universal kits also got busted for selling conversion kits, which in the indictment released, they called "drug paraphenalia". Law enforcement sees steroid conversion kits as drug paraphanelia because it is used to make illegal steroids. Last year, there was quite a few liquid research chemical store busts, besides Universal kits. Even some hardcore bodybuilding forums discussing conversion kits and how to use them, got shut down.

These days, research chemical sites are becoming more underground because of the recent busts. Years ago, things were much more open and busts were non-existent. Many consider these sites as a "source" and generally research store names aren't allowed to be talked about openly in many bodybuilding forums. Some bodybuilding forums no longer allow research chemical sites to advertise on their forum because of the increasing legality issues now.

Using research chemical sites a good idea?

Legally its against the law to order prescription drugs without a prescription. And buying the conversion kits, may be considered buying drug paraphenelia. In reality, the legal risk of ordering from these sites is almost zero. Unless you order really big and the site gets busted afterwards, chances are tiny anything will happen to a ordinary customer. There have been reports of some officers coming to peoples doors of previous customers of research sites, after they had been busted. Usually, nothing more than a quick visit to your door is all that ultimately happens for the few unlucky enough to get a vist. Most of the time no one comes, even if a site is busted. The reason is it's just too much time and resources for law enforcement to be going around and knocking on hundreds of customer doors, for relatively minor offenses.

The biggest problem with these sites is they are underground and honestly, you don't even know what you are getting. These sites are unregulated and you don't know for sure if you are getting the right dose or even the right drug. These products are not manufactured in a legitimate sterile factory, like commercial grade illegal and prescription pills. They are made by someone taking a prescription pill and mixing it in a solvent and then selling it in liquid form in a bottle out of their website. Chances of dosage error or being cheated on doses or it even being contaminated, can be high.