How To Spot The Best Place To Buy SARMs | Review Of The Top SARMs Companies

Finding a SARMs for sale that is pure and safe is actually much harder than you would think. Finding the best SARMs source can be more of a challenge than pushing yourself harder and harder in the gym.

So what I’m going to do here is talk to you a bit about how you can spot places that will potentially sell the highest quality SARMs. I’m going to talk to you about where SARMs come from, and how it’s so easy SARMs that are useless, or even potentially dangerous.

As well as all that, I’m going to tell you about my own personal experience using SARMs over the past two years, and how I narrowed down the best SARMs source to just four websites, of which I only use three, but I’m going to tell you about the fourth I tried based in Europe, as it could help you guys if you live there.

Why Using Pure SARMs Is Important For Health And Results

It’s really important to talk to you about the purity of the SARMs you buy. It has to be 100%, otherwise, it’s not going to be as effective it should be for getting potent results in the gym.

You could find yourself doing all the hard work, pushing yourself in the gym, setting new personal bests, doing tons of cardio, eating well, sleeping well, and finding you’re not getting the results you crave. That can happen because the SARMs just isn’t potent enough to deliver.

But it’s not just about rewarding you for your hard work, it’s also about health and safety as well.

Not many people know that most SARMs are made in China. Even though they can be reputable if they are made there, they are passed down the supply chain where they can be cut with other things to make them go further.

In some instances, tests have shown that anabolic steroids and prohormones, both banned substances, have been amongst the chemicals in a batch of a particular SARM.

So unless you get the highest quality SARMs, 100% pure, then not only are you not going to get the rewards you want in the gym, but you’re also putting your body at risk.

That problem should diminish soon as China has banned the making and exporting of SARMs. However, there is little doubt it will continue as a legal industry (or make the problems worse if you’re not following what I’m telling you here), although it will mean higher quality local companies creating them instead.

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What Makes The Highest Quality SARMs?

I will be honest here, SARMs aren’t a miracle. You have to do hard work to get results. You take anabolic steroids, even with a moderate gym routine and you will pile on bulk. But the side effects and long-term dangers are horrendous.

SARMs can really work, but you have to put in hard work. If you do that work consistently, then even after just one eight week SARMs stack you can get the following benefits:

  • A dramatic increase in muscle gain above what you can achieve with natural muscle repair
  • Newly formed muscle will be harder than previously
  • Your energy levels and confidence will be dramatically improved
  • Recovery times can be halved
  • A single cycle of eight weeks can strip fat by as much as 5%

The key is getting pure SARMs, and that’s the tough bit. As you can’t test their quality yourself, you have to look at key signals that you are getting the highest quality SARMs from the best SARMs source:

  1. There must be independent lab reports published to show purity
  2. The SARMs should be sold with a moneyback guarantee
  3. The company selling the SARMs should have a strong reputation online, which means very little negative feedback complaints
  4. All the usual signals around a good online retailer should be visible
  5. Other people will be saying it’s the best place to buy SARMs and get results

let me just talk to you a moment about that purity again. A lot of unscrupulous SARMs sellers buy in bulk from abroad, cut it with other substances, or maybe just don’t even check purity from the buyer.

They then sell it on to you, and neither you or them have a clue how pure it is, or what exactly in the stuff.

A reputable SARMs seller will have each batch that they buying tested by an independent third-party professional lab.

The resulting purity certificate will be published directly onto the website, usually on the product page itself. This is the crucial signal that you have found one of the best places to buy SARMs.

The purity will always be at least 100%. I say at least because sometimes the purity can actually be recorded above 100%. This is due to the processes used to professionally test purity, it’s actually a demonstration that it’s been done competently, because:

“…additive effect of uncertainty translates into the final Assay value which can derive values in excess of 100% for ultra-pure compounds.”

So it’s not a con to see the highest quality SARMs recorded with values above 100%, it’s actually a great thing.

Warning: Where Not To Buy SARMs

So let’s continue this guide to finding the best SARMs source for your needs by looking at where not to buy SARMs, especially if you want to avoid low purity or being scammed by SARMs that has been diluted with potentially dangerous secondary substances.

To give this to you simply, there are several places you should never consider buying SARMs from:

  • You shouldn’t buy SARMs direct from Chinese sellers (either from China or indirectly)
  • Don’t buy from marketplace sites like eBay, Amazon, or especially Ali Baba
  • Never buy SARMs from anywhere that does not publish lab purity reports
  • Watch out for people selling SARMs indirectly (drop shipping)

Let me just talk a bit more about the drop shipping problem. What you’ll get is someone who has a supplier in China. But they won’t tell you that that’s the case, they won’t tell you that they are just getting low-quality SARMs that they don’t bother testing straight from a dodgy factory in China.

So they either sell it through the marketplace, or on a website, claiming that they are reputable and made somewhere else. They will then sell you the SARMs, but then they place an order with the Chinese supplier, who send it straight to you, which is known as drop shipping. You think you’ve got the SARMs from that company, but all they did was pass on the order details to the dodgy Chinese company to send to you.

Best Places To Buy SARMs: My Top 4 SARMs Sources

It took me three years nearly to work out all of what I’ve just told you. It took a lot of trial and error, and I know I made a couple of mistakes. With one batch of SARMs, I got from a website that didn’t have purity reports (yes, in the beginning, I didn’t even think about this), I felt sick as hell for several weeks.

It wasn’t just testosterone drop, there was something else going on. To this day I don’t know what it was, and I didn’t have blood work done or anything because I was too scared to find out. I learned a big lesson and did some research, and that’s why I started to take this seriously.

So I’m passing this on to you guys by telling you about the best SARMs sources based on several years of experiences now. The best place to buy SARMs is as described, somewhere that gives purity reports to you, guarantees the source of their supply, has a moneyback guarantee, alongside great feedback online.

All of the four SARMs vendors reviews I’m now going to give you fulfill those criteria. The only thing that varies between them is things like location, price, and the format of the SARMs they sell (injectable, powder, capsules, or sublingual liquid).


Top of the list, although not necessarily best depending on what you’re looking for from the best SARMs source, is The reason I love these guys as they offer the full range of the highest quality SARMs for your needs. They are reasonably priced and pure.

Let’s give you an idea of why I love ordering from them:

  • Current lab purity reports are posted for every single product on the product page
  • They sell all the top SARMs, RAD-140, Ostarine, all of that, plus lesser-known SARMs
  • Prices are affordable but not suspiciously cheap
  • The balance in pricing between cheaper powder and more expensive liquid is not obscene
  • Comprehensive moneyback guarantee
  • Free shipping over $300 on international orders and free shipping on any order value in the USA

I just want to talk about the fact that they sell loose powder and sublingual liquid SARMs.

SARMs powder is the cheapest way of buying the stuff. It’s the same powder that is put into capsules which are then sold for a much higher price because of the difficulty of the process and the convenience it supplies to you. So it’s cheap, but you will need a micro-scale to get the exact dose, and you’ll have to deal with consuming the raw powder in some way.

The sublingual liquid is the actual SARMs chemicals dissolved in a suspension liquid, usually polyethylene glycol. You simply drop it under your tongue and then swallow, and it will be dissolved during that process. The problem with liquid is it can be difficult to dose accurately, which can be a problem when the dosage for some SARMs is as little as 4 mg per day.

Pricing from is good, and I want to give you an example of how pricing between powder and liquid compares.

LGD-4033 as a liquid costs $39.99 for a 300 mg total dose, at a dose of 10 mg/mL. For the loose powder version, you will get 1000 mg in total dosage for the same price. So as you can see, it’s significantly cheaper to buy the powder, but the inherent problems of using the powder can put people off buying it.

SARMs for sale

  1. Proven Peptides

Next on the list of the best places to buy SARMs that I personally experiment with is Proven Peptides. These guys are another reputable seller based in the USA, with a strong reputation.

What sets them apart, and attracted me to them (and why I still regularly order from them) is the fact that the SARMs they sell are actually made in the USA, not China. They have a supplier who makes them specifically for Proven Peptides.

That really shouldn’t make any difference because it’s all about purity. As long as the purity reports show 100% pure, it doesn’t matter where they have been made. But I know that for a lot of people the fact they are made in the USA and not China is still something that matters.

The reasons I love Proven Peptides are:

  • Moneyback guarantee on every purchase
  • Independent lab test reports published on a dedicated website page
  • SARMs are manufactured and purity tested in the USA
  • Free domestic shipping anywhere in the USA on orders over $75 in value
  • “Peptide Points” reward program lowers the cost of loyalty purchases

In terms of pricing, which is always vital alongside the quality of the SARMs for sale, Proven Peptides are very competitive.

Andarine S-4 (a fantastically potent SARM perfect for building rapidly muscle mass) is available as a liquid for sublingual use (they don’t sell powder) is $74.99 for a 30 mL dropper bottle. The dosage is 50 mg/mL, giving you 1500 mg total dosage for your money. That’s a very decent price.

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  1. Swiss Chems

The next best place to buy SARMs I’ve found is Swiss Chems. There are a couple of great reasons why I love this company.

Firstly, they sell high-quality SARMs at a reasonable price. Secondly, not only do they sell injectable SARMs (I tried them once but really didn’t like injecting myself), they also sell PCT supplements. They are unique in terms of being one of the best places to buy SARMs that sell PCT supplements alongside the actual SARMs themselves. They sell Nolvadex and Clomid that is also pure and brilliant to use after that inevitable testosterone drop.

Put together, Swiss Chems are awesome for the following reasons:

  • Every single product has current and historic lab purity reports published
  • Guaranteed 100% pure highest quality SARMs
  • Available in convenient capsule form
  • 20% discount if you use bitcoin to pay rather than traditional online ordering
  • Full money-back guarantee

Pricing is good, although you have to factor in that capsules are the most expensive way of buying SARMs, they don’t sell just loose powder or liquid SARMs. But for dosing and convenience, I’d always recommend capsules, especially if you are a beginner. It’s just so much easier and you don’t have to worry about being discreet or overdosing.

As an example of price, 60 capsules of GW-501516 retails at $140. Each capsule is a daily dose of 10 mg (or half daily dose if you are going stronger). So you’re getting a total dose of 600 mg for $140. Not cheap, but you’re paying for the convenience of the capsules.

  1. Sarms4You

Last on my list of the best SARMs sources is Sarms 4 You. I ordered from these guys about a year ago and the quality and service were awesome. The reason I haven’t reordered is that they aren’t based in the USA, so shipping costs factored into that, plus although SARMs aren’t illegal in the USA, they can still get stopped and destroyed at the border.

But if you’re living in Europe then they are definitely the first choice, especially as they understand the poor legality of SARMs in the EU and are very discreet with shipping and customs declarations.

They sell loose powder and the same high-quality powder in capsules. So you’ve got a cheap option and more expensive but convenient option.

In terms of tick box reasons to love Sarm 4 You:

  • They are perfect for people based in Europe to order SARMs from safely
  • Lab purity reports are again published on every product page
  • They sell both loose powder which is affordable and capsules which are convenient
  • Full moneyback guarantee
  • Globally you will get free shipping on orders over €120

So let’s look at a price comparison between the loose powder in capsules that they sell on the company website.

As I’ve said, SARMs for sale in loose powder form is the cheapest way of buying this stuff. Let’s pick possibly the most potent muscle builder RAD-140 Testolone as the example. 60 capsules, each dosing 10 mg, are priced at $74.95. 1 g of loose powder is $65.95, but obviously you’re getting 1000 mg versus 600 mg in capsules.

So if you’re in Europe then Sarms 4 You will be a great fit for your first SARMs order. I’d really avoid the powder, and go for the capsules, although it’s a shame they don’t sell sublingual SARMs liquid. But they are definitely one of the best places to buy SARMs, and if you’re in the USA any of my other three trusted retailers is a great choice.

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