Prime Male Review: Best Testosterone Booster Over 40?

 This isn’t going to be like all those generic Prime Male reviews you might have read already. I’m going to talk to you about this premium testosterone booster based on my own experiences and knowledge.

I’ll tell you exactly what the Prime Male ingredients are, what they are meant to do, and whether there’s any evidence they actually achieve those things. I’ll tell you how to use it, what sort of dosage you should take, and if there are any side effects from using Prime Male testosterone booster that you need to be aware of.

On top of all that, I’ll compare Prime Male to another top testosterone booster called Testofuel, and tell you what the best current deal is, which you can take advantage of if you’re searching for Prime Male for sale.

What Is Prime Male?

There are tons of testosterone booster supplements out there. They all claim to be able to increase levels of free testosterone in the body. Free testosterone is that which is available for use, rather than produced to fulfill a specific need.

They often contain a very similar combination of natural ingredients that all have some link scientifically to increasing testosterone levels. Some of these links are more tenuous than others, while others are very proven.

So you would think it would be really easy to produce a testosterone booster. But apart from the cost of the ingredients, every company that makes them think the blend should be different. So some are potentially more successful than others.

Prime Male falls into a group but I would call premium but affordable. I’ve tried some awful testosterone booster products from sites like Walmart, Amazon, and GNC. The truth is that if you are only paying about $10 for some of these, and the miracle results they claim just don’t stack up, not even when you look at the ingredients, and even worse when you actually try them.

So the next step up is products like Prime Male, where the ingredients are definitely linked to improved testosterone levels. It’s about whether the combination of natural ingredients and the doses built-in are enough to get good results.

Prime Male Review: How Does It Work?

I’ll talk to you specifically about the Prime Male ingredients in a moment, but generally, it works by introducing a range of ingredients into the body on a daily basis that can help to elevate free testosterone levels.

The increase in testosterone can have several key benefits for those of us who want to work out harder, and get better results:

  • Improves mental clarity and drive
  • Allows you to work out harder and longer
  • Gains are seen more quickly and are enhanced
  • Elevated testosterone levels aid faster muscle repair
  • Can improve mood and outlook
  • Boosts confidence

So if it works, Prime Male testosterone booster can potentially take you to the next level in being able to work out harder, more consistently, deliver better physical results, and make you feel happier. As long as you don’t expect miracles, all of this is perfectly possible.

I was skeptical before I started using Prime Male as well, to be honest, especially after a year of messing around with cheap booster products. But after two months, my opinion dramatically changed.

Prime male ingredients

Prime Male Ingredients

The power of Prime Male is in the combination and dosage of the ingredients it contains.

Some of these Prime Male ingredients are common to pretty much all testosterone boosters, because they are the cheapest and widely available, and most linked to the increase of T levels naturally.

However, what made me sit up and take notice of Prime Male was the dose of some of these, but also the two key ingredients which set it apart.

In terms of the general ingredients which have a track record for being able to elevate testosterone levels, and are pretty much in many of the other testosterone booster supplements out there, the Prime Male ingredients are:

  • D-Aspartic acid
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Bioperine
  • Boron amino acid
  • Korean red ginseng
  • Nettle root
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K2

Those are the “common” ingredients that you will find on the side of pretty much any testosterone booster supplement packaging. But now let’s look at the two ingredients which set this supplement apart, and account for what I see as more dramatic Prime Male results:

  1. Luteolin is a citrus flavonoid found in most citrus fruits, especially lemons. Chinese research discovered that out of 1431 naturally occurring substances, luteolin was the most potent natural aromatase inhibitor.

An aromatase inhibitor works in the body to not only increase androgen levels, potentially raising T levels, but most importantly, it helps to inhibit the production of estrogen. It’s thought to bind to estrogen receptors, lowering production, which means lower levels of estrogen and lower conversion from testosterone.

  1. Mucuna Pruriens is also known as the “dopamine bean“. It’s ground down into a powder, and taken as a supplement. Where it’s grown, for millennia the beans have been ground or even chewed, because of the favorable effects it produces.

It’s scientifically proven to significantly raise levels of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is our key risk and rewards chemical, which means you’re more likely to work harder and seek big awards. It’s also crucial to happiness, and motivation. So it’s inclusion can really help to push your workouts to the next level.

Prime male ingredients

Prime Male Dosage Guide

So before we move on to take a look at the sort of Prime Male results you can realistically expect, and also talk about my own personal journey with you as well, let’s look at the dose you need to take of this stuff.

It’s recommended to take Prime Male four times per day, starting at around 8 AM, and taking one capsule every three hours. This will keep testosterone levels elevated throughout the day, which is great as they naturally drop towards the end of the day, and most of us will do our serious workout sessions during the afternoon and evenings.

It’s meant to be taken as an ongoing supplement. So you don’t have breaks, and it’s not meant to raise levels permanently. As soon as you stop taking the supplement, your testosterone levels will drop back down to baseline within around a week.

So this is a long-term commitment if you want to keep the gains, which means you have to get it at the best price. Each pack of capsules contains a month supply, a total of 120 capsules. But you will get a much better deal if you buy multi-month combinations.

Prime Male Results

So the Prime Male ingredients are good, backed up by scientific studies, and they should produce an increase in testosterone levels as increased testosterone definitely can help with your workout results. But what’s the evidence it genuinely works?

There are tons of Prime Male reviews out there which tell you this stuff is amazing, almost as good as taking SARMs or steroids. Now I can say for a fact that that is completely untrue, having used both in my time.

However, it does definitely have a gentle but positive effect in a similar way. I can only speak from my own experience, but my Prime Male results were definitely positive:

  • Felt far more motivated
  • Had much higher levels of energy
  • Cognitively sharper and brighter
  • I felt more positive and upbeat
  • My workouts were harder and longer
  • Body fat decreased by 3% in the first month
  • Muscle gains were more visible and maintained

Prime male results

Does Prime Male Testosterone Booster Work?

So for me, it definitely works. You mustn’t expect miracles because this isn’t like SARMs. But you will notice the difference within one month, or at the very least within two months.

I’m not big on those before and after photos, because so many people take them with a pinch of salt because they are so easily faked. But I did do before and after photos over the first three months, and the difference between day one and the last day was significant.

But far more than that, it’s how the supplement improves your mood, focus, and drive. The combination of a daily increase in testosterone and dopamine availability really helped me to move things up a level and keep them there.

So look, it’s not a miracle. One of the big conclusions of my Prime Male review has to state that clearly. It’s not like SARMs in terms of results (but it is far less likely to produce side effects), but you are going to notice a difference as long as you stick with this for six months, and as long as you’re doing a good routine that develops, plus you back it up with great diet and cardio.

Prime Male Vs Testofuel

So now let’s look at Prime Male Vs Testofuel, another of the more popular “mid-range” testosterone booster supplements out there.

Testofuel contains the exact same range of core ingredients that I’ve already mentioned for Prime Male. So there’s not really any difference. However, Testofuel does contain a higher dose of D-Aspartic acid.

But conversely, as I’ve already said, Prime Male contains two ingredients that no other supplement I’ve seen has. They are scientifically proven and really make a difference.

Both are similarly priced and will give you similar levels of testosterone gain. The difference is that Prime Male might be slightly better at knocking back estrogen levels and increasing your performance desire through better dopamine availability.

So a lot of it is going to come down to personal choice. Both have pros and cons, both are similarly priced, both have the same money-back guarantees and free shipping around the world. My advice is probably to go with Prime Male because of the two exceptionally different ingredients.

And in terms of side effects, there’s no difference either. Both of these supplements can only have the potential side effects that an increase in testosterone levels can bring naturally. So unless you have a particular problem with elevated testosterone (which is unlikely if you are under 60), then you have nothing to worry about.

Prime Male Vs Testofuel

Finding Prime Male For Sale

One of the hardest things about experimenting with any testosterone booster supplement is not getting ripped off. Once you have weeded out the rubbish that won’t help you at all, you’re looking at getting the best deal on the ones that genuinely work.

Prime Male testosterone booster is definitely the real deal, as long as you can find Prime Male for sale.

I advise you here to not bother looking on marketplace sites like Walmart, eBay, Amazon, GNC, anywhere like that. My reason is simple. Prices aren’t any lowermost the time, you don’t get the power of the multi-month combination deals, and sometimes you get stock that is out of date. Very rarely, it can even be fake stock.

The only place I would recommend that you buy Prime Male from is their official website.

They are actually doing an amazing combination deal right now at the time of writing this Prime Male review. If you buy a single month (120 capsules) for $69, you’ll get another month free, halving the price.

That’s a great offer, and definitely one you should consider taking advantage of. The offers change at different times, so it pays to keep going back to the website periodically to make sure you’re still getting the best price.

So there you go, Prime Male reviews are accurate, it’s a fantastic testosterone booster, one of the best around, packed with proven ingredients and it’s definitely helped me to move things up to next level safely.

But you have to make sure that you back up Prime Male testosterone booster use with a great gym routine that pushes you and progresses you, plus you still need to do the basics of eating lean and frequently.